Saturday, October 20, 2007

Back in the saddle...

Well, I took some time to get things all sorted out in real life and now I'm back. I had a little fun rerolling on my little blood elf rogue, but I'm thinking things with my friend that was duoing as a paladin are not really working out so I will be coming back to my hunter to finish out leveling to 70, at the very least. It's kind of nice coming back to it, actually. There is no more drama and I feel happy with my guildies and all.

I hit 67 obviously and I am about halfway into the level. I was hoping I might be able to hit atleast 69 for the weekend but it's ok if I don't, just going to kinda take a little breather if anything happens. I don't want to over extend myself and get all unwanting of the WoW. I'm honestly very sad that my friend is kinda... eh lately but I'm not going to go into it or let it upset me so much I want to quit. I miss playing my little rogue so I made one, a human one on the same server as my hunter so if I really like her I'll just fund her with my hunter. Maybe a pet project. :P

At any rate, my husband and his guild went to do the headless horseman and invited me, and we kicked booty all 5 times. So it ended up well. I got the level 70 stamina ring and both versions of the brooms which I have not used yet. I always seem to keep things until the last moment to use them. I'll be sure to actually use the broom until it's useless though, because I want to take a few screen shots. But I just wanted to write a small little post to let everyone know I'm alive and WoWing!

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Burnt out

I haven't written in quite a while, pretty much not even when I hit 66. I am almost 67 now and honestly... I am burnt out. I am tired of everything. I am tired of some of my guild mates, I am tired of our roleplaying, I am tired of some of my in game friends, and most of all I am tired of my hunter. I don't know what happened.

I was so happy getting to 70 and now I just can't stand it. I don't care about hitting 70, I don't care about running more instances, I don't care about getting my flying mount, nothing. I had been so excited about getting my flying mount and making a home up there at that little floating island by Telaar and just having fun and I just have no want to anymore. I wanted to run Kara with some of my guildies and everything. What is even sadder is I am so tired of my guild, and I love my guild.

How is it that I am totally hating this game more and more as the days progress? How is it that I just cannot seem to care that I have all of this waiting for me, so much fun to have, and I just do not care. Why is that? Does this happen to everyone? If it does how do people get over it? Do they just bed their guild to make them feel like playing? Do they snap out of it? What the heck am I supposed to do about this? I don't know. I really thought I would be happy at 70, too.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Auchenai crypts

So my guild and I did auchenai crypts last night. We had to pug one extra cc, got a mage. So yeah, we figured since we were letting her have most of the stuff that we weren't going to use, and because this was technically a GUILD RUN that we invited her to, that when this jc pattern dropped (don't remember which exactly, doesn't really matter) when my male GM said, "Oh, my mage alt can use that, may I need?" There wouldn't be a problem.

This mage FREAKS OUT and says, "WTF?! No needing for alts!" So we all roll. My female GM (the male gm's girlfriend) makes a point to make sure the bitch mage knows "I will give it to your alt, she's our guild jc'er and has most patterns except for that one." I mean wtf? All that mage would have to do is look up on the effing armory and see that it was true. I mean wtf. If we're all in the same guild and he HADN'T asked, I can see how she'd get upset, but man wtf.

She had already whined about how she needed money for her flying mount (uhm hello, so did me and our boomkin, and the GMs' alts they were on right here on this run). That was just her being a bitch. She also started freaking out when we our boomkin kept wining the rolls when we would all greed roll (As she had ASKED, which is normal procedure anyway.) on all greens and blues we didn't view as an upgrade. She ORDERED him to "Stop winning!" At first I thought that she was just joking, but I realized after other things in the run she wasn't.

She also kept breaking our priest's shackle and my traps, which, I need the practice with traps (that's mainly the reason why we guild run so much, as they like to help me with my class and give me experience "in the field" as well as getting loot and exp. I was doing so good on that run trapping and retrapping, really learning my class, but she was making it extremely difficult. Even though our tank is a damn good tank (he has high levels in ALL classes, just like our female gm) I knew he knew I could handle a little bit of a beating when she would break my traps so I had to solo some of my tapped trapped targets at times. I guess I should have thanked her for helping me learn. :p

But seriously, she needed to l2p, and even though she was a bitch and we did rag on her a bit in guild chat, we were nice to her. And funny enough she was in a highly sought after raiding guild. I just can't believe what a noob she was. Perhaps she had to come on our run with us b/c her own guild knew she was a complete idiot.

Sunday, September 23, 2007


Well, I hit 65 tonight. We did underbog and then mana tombs. By far I think those are my favorites, so I hope we do them again. I also got an [Ethereal Wrap-Bow] to drop! I was surprised. I didn't think I would want it but I decided heck, why not try a bow again for when I get pissed with the loud blamming of my gun. I lose a little crit but I have both, so I can swap them out. We'll see.

I decided to just keep Patronus and not even fool with another pet for right now. Maybe when I hit 70, but not before then. I just cannot justify getting another pet when I use Patronus so completely. It just seems so silly. So yeah, I'm keeping my little white lion. Not alot of hunters alliance side have him, so that makes me feel all unique. It's just nice to be different for a change and not have what everyone else has.

I'm just glad that I have level 65... so excitig. I only have 5 levels to go... doesn't seem so far away now. ^^ I am really, really excited. If I keep doing dailies and fishing and such I hope to have the money for my fying mount. I really want a nether dragon but meh, if I can't get one then I can't. I just haaaate paying for such an expensive thing as a mount over and over. It seems like such a waste, but they did make it as a money sink, has to be there for game balance.

So at any rate, I think I might be 70 By next weekend, hopefully. I always like to have some goal to look forward to, so that will be it for this month/week or so. Then I can deal with the epic flying mount or whatever. I'll always have some other goal to reach. Which reminds me, I also have a brand new baby warrior so I'll be levelling her too, for rp purposes and to just have another char that's something new. CCan't wait to try her out!

Saturday, September 22, 2007


So I'm only just 64, about halfway to 65. I am thinking I'll try to pvp at that level. I miss doing it, and I think at that level I will have enough armor and such to make it count. I like the idea of being well equipped and I hate to make it harder on the team by being such a low level that all I do is die over and over because the horde like to beat the snot out of the lowest levelled alli there.

I am also wondering if using my ravager is a good idea. I haven't even used him much because I usually use Patronus. He's pretty good at pvp, I would assume, being a cat. I have only used cats in pvp so meh, dunno. I was also interested in using a raptor. Which reminds me... I have used an owl, a raptor and a windserpent. I like those. Hmmm, you know what, I think I'll head on over to Petopia and see what the pet store has in store for me at this level...

Hmm, so I really like Deathskitter, Warp Hunter, and Daggermaw Blackhide. I like the skin on that spider A LOT. I also love that skin on the raptor. That is a really nice skin. I like the dark skin even though it is a really cartoony looking raptor. I can deal with it though, as In really like the idea that dash is working in the next patch fort them. I am kind of tired of seeing every other hunter with a warp stalker.

I don't really see alot of hunters with spiders, which begs the question; are they just nice very good for anything? Or do they really not have fantastic enough stats for damage or anything? I think they would be good for dps but obviously not tanking. I don't know, I guess I will have to test that out. I also think it would behoove me to go ahead and get a tanking pet as I feel even though Patronus is pretty good at it, it's a good idea to have one just in case. I also know that Patronus needs a little respec as I think I spent too many points in stupid stuff, we gotta see.


So I'm planning on trying to run a few instances tonight, doesn't really matter which as long as gloves and bracers that are upgrades don't drop for me, as I just got assault put on my gloves and bracers and I would really cry as they were a tad expensive, even though I had a friend with assault. I also had my scythe enchanted with +25 AGI, so that was really, really nice.

I'm kinda excited to get some good gear. I haven't really been this interested in making sure my crit and hit chances were very high until I hit about level 62. Then I started really becoming aware of my stats and how they could be upgraded. I am really interested in getting into some of the higher level content, and I can't do that with crappy unenchanted gear. So that means I need to farm some more mats and possibly go into the dreaded trade channel so that I can sell myself as an enchantress. (Yes, I am so painfully shy that going into a channel to advertise makes me nervous. XD)

So yes. My stats went up a little bit, and that makes me really happy. I just need a few more items and enchants and that will help me out alot. I'm very interested in +crit, hit and ranged chances so I'm going to be doing some research into some of the items that I can use to help me with all that. I'm getting giddy just thinking of it. Isn't that odd? Getting excited about getting new gear and instancing? I guess I'm just really lucky, having such a great group of people that I instance with.

I've also thought of levelling the ravager I have a little bit. I won't be using him instead of Patronus, just something to mix it up a bit sometimes. Not forsaking my darling kitty. I was also interested in perhaps using a ravager for pvp. That reminds me, need to make another post....

Thursday, September 20, 2007


So I finally hit 64 in the slave pens tonight with my guild and Phantomwolf along. It was nice going in a group with people I know well. I didn't get any upgrades, but the experience was good enough for me. I did however end up with [Battle Scythe of the Bandit] when I went to look around the auction house for some new goodies. I need to level up my polearm skill a little so I'll be doing that, but other than that I think it was a great purchase.

We also did underbog, and I didn't really get anything there either. However, Phantom said he would bring his lock, Demitri and run me through whichever one I wanted to do, because apparently he can get pretty far in there. Probably not just duo'ing it we can't win the entire run, but with the two of us going I think we could do pretty well.

I also really like doing strat, but I don't think that I can get anything there that is really worth it to me. I'll have to look at some items that drop at a few places for me. Hmm, reminds me, I bet I should link to wow loot on my sidebar here so I can remember what to get. I have a bad memory when it comes to websites.

I have also remembered to put a scope on my
[Legion Blunderbuss] So my hunter license is hopefully no longer revoked, if it was. >.> I'm glad it was kinda brought to my attention because I had just gotten my last bow and had not remembered to scope this gun.